Are you.. 
spending too much time worrying your hair will continue falling out 
struggling to take control of your hair loss  
fed up with seeing different medical specialities but getting no clear answers?  
confused and struggling to navigate your way through internet myths and fads? 
stop thinking there’s something better ‘out there’ 
say yes to foods, free from fear 
never need to rely on bonkers treatments and supplements 
break free from hair loss anxiety 
feel confident again 
…… and so much more? 
I’m Charlotte Lucas, pharmacist, registered nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner 
I’ll help you identify and address the REAL root causes of YOUR hair loss so you can regain sustained regrowth by managing your internal health. I founded REMEDY to inspire, educate and empower you to take charge of, and live, your best health! 
I’ve helped hundreds of ladies, just like you, to gain control of their hair loss and optimise their health, through my one to one consultations. 
"Meeting Charlotte has totally changed my life!" 
"Before I started working with Charlotte I was well and truely lost and life had become such a struggle. Having her to turn to took a big weight off my shoulders at a time when I felt like I was drowning. I really enjoyed learning and realise now I didn't have a clue how my body worked and what it needed to be happy and healthy. Meeting Charlotte has totally changed my life!" 
- Vicky 42 
" Powerhouse of women!" 
" I never thought my hair would come back so it's just such a great feeling! You and Tina are a powerhouse of women!" 
-Jemma 36 
"Now there's a light at the end of the tunnel" 
" I'd seen doctors and specialists ( without success) to get to the root of why I always felt 'unwell' and suffered from random symptoms. When I met Charlotte I was worn down by it all. Charlotte just listened to me , she really heard what I was saying, is extremely easy to talk to but above all she really knows her stuff! I now understand what is happening to me my body. All because of food! Now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 
-Kerry 43 
" Charlotte's a great listener" 
" Having recently been diagnosed with a form of alopecia, low iron and vitamin D levels, I sought advice from Charlotte about how diet and nutrition could boost my health. Charlotte's a great listener, taking time to understand a client's health holistically. Undoubtably, one of her key strengths lies in her qualifications and expertise. I have complete trust and respect for Charlotte's advice and it's made a noticeable difference to my health already!" 
-Bev 52 
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