Hello, my name is Jo Shacklock and I studied to become a Naturopathic Health Coach in 2023 
with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Having suffered for 8 years with Chronic 
Fatigue Syndrome I was curious to learn the science behind what makes a human being well again 
from the level of a chronic illness. Naturopathy encourages the patient to discover the natural 
healing power in their own body by teaching what your body is trying to tell you. Through 
understanding good nutrition, the importance of fitness and how to nurture your spiritual well- 
being, you can be guided towards the tools needed to be optimally well. 
Now I am back to full health and vitality I can act as a listening ear and an informed and 
empathetic health coach using science backed evidence to help others claim back their health. 
I love to chat! Call me for a free discovery call to see if I can help you in your journey to optimal 
well being. Let’s start living better….. for longer. 
Jo Shacklock DipCMN, ANP 
Hello, I'm Kerrie, an RTT therapist. I specialize in helping individuals break free from self-sabotaging behaviours, reduce stress, and boost confidence.  
Through Rapid Transformational therapy (RTT), we uncover the root cause of these challenges, empowering your mindset to move beyond past traumas. Together, we'll unlock your true potential, enabling you to start living the life, deep down truly desire.  
Are you ready to take that next step? 
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