About Charlotte Lucas  
MSc, BSc Hons, PG Dip, AFMCP, GPhC, MRPharmS AfN, IFM  
I’m a UK pharmacist, registered nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner and specialist in the field of women’s hair loss. With over 30 years experience in the NHS and private practice, I bring a wealth of expertise and combine knowledge of pharmaceuticals and nutrition, experience in managing chronic disease and use of holistic and personalised medicine to take away the mystery and fear of hair loss and give you real answers. I help you stop the exhausting pursuit for answers and show you how to find the root causes of your hair loss
I've helped hundreds of beautiful women who've felt their careers, relationships, self esteem, wellbeing and social lives had been impacted by hair loss. These wonderful clients have been my greatest teachers. I've felt their pain and frustration and they've shown me what it's like to walk in your shoes. I created THE REGROW METHOD because wonderful women, just like you, deserve a better solution. 
Alongside working with individual clients and I consult to The Doctor's Kitchen and Culinary Medicine UK, work with clinics, and industry bodies. I also enjoy writing about health and public speaking and recently completed an MSc in Nutritional Medicine and trained in integrative cancer support
I'm a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Association for Nutrition, College of Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine and the British Society for Integrative Oncology. 
My Story  
You may be wondering how I ended up in the world of women's hair loss. Well, like all the best things in my life, it was a fortunate accident. A result of circumstance, connections and perfect timing. 
There were many things I loved about being an NHS pharmacist but after 20 + years, I began noticing my growing unease with the ‘pill for every ill’ culture. I knew we were failing patients with chronic conditions by only treating symptoms and not addressing the root causes of ill health
I'd had a challenging early life, suffered from hair loss as a teen and experienced the tragedy of my fathers early death and mothers mental health issues. Seeing first hand how mental and physical health were intertwined and how food and lifestyle impacted everything, I'd always felt the medicine I was practising was far too narrow
I harnessed my frustration, began attending conferences, studied for years, gained new qualifications and eventually found my place within the wonderful world of integrative and personalised medicine. And it was whilst on this journey that I happened to offer help to a local hair loss clinic… and the rest is history
So why do I use this approach? I myself got better when I learnt how to treat my body as an interconnected system. Our bodies have the ability to heal when we give it the right tools and I help women because we've been poorly served by medicine.  
Before, I was unable to help patients the way I wanted to. Today, I've helped hundreds of women reclaim control of their health and unlock sustained recovery! 
I’m married to my favourite person, have three gorgeous adult children, two rather annoying cats and am lucky enough to live in a pretty limestone village with the most amazing community. In my spare time I can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen, yomping through the fields, singing in a '7 piece' acapella group or tending to our rather large and scruffy vegetable patch! 

MISSION  I help women struggling with hair loss, to optimise hair re-growth and regain confidence, for good. My mission is to be the science, nutrition and integrative medicine support hub for women struggling with all types of hair loss  

Who Do I Help? Any woman ..... 
who wants to understand the root causes of their hair loss 
who wants to learn how to achieve long term recovery 
who is concerned about additional health issues 
who wants help with balancing hormones 
who has an autoimmune disease or thyroid issue 
undergoing treatment for chronic diseases, including cancer 
who is frustrated by lack of control or support  
who has failed to achieve sustained recovery 
If you recognise the impact hair loss is having on your life and are serious about investing in your health, to feel incredible now and for years to come….......then I can help. 
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